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Ultrascan UC 22

Look into the skin with 22 MHz

UC Naevus22 MHz ultrasound is an interesting tool to look in vivo into the skin with plenty of different applications.

The Ultrascan UC 22 is OEM made especially for C + K and their customers to complete the product range of skin testing parameters with an extremely economic, easy to handle and absolutely accurate ultrasound device for dermatology.

Advantages of the Ultrascan UC 22

Fields of Application

Technical Data




Advantages of the Ultrascan UC 22

The measurement is based on ultrasound waves entering the skin and being reflected differently according to the different tissues. The reflected waves are transformed into electrical impulses and result in UC frequenzen neuan image shown in 256 different colors in a B-scan.

With 22 MHz you can look 6-8 mm deep into the skin in high resolution. The system has many advantages:

  • Very economical, extremely accurate device to look into the skin in depths
  • Easy to install and use, intuitive software, only connected by USB uc22 new
  • The UC probeprobe is made for easy handling and does all scans automatically without further movement by the user. The transducer goes linearly over the skin
  • Only water is needed to receive a scan, no messy gel application. Foils are not necessary but can be used optionally
  • Continuous live scans, not only one single scan per measurement (video of the different B-scans of one measurement)
  • Automatic measurement between set lines of skin thickness in µm and skin density (ultrasound density between 0 and 256 a.u.)
  • Phase correction (flattening of the image) to determine skin thickness as exactly as possible 
  • A multitude of different applications
  • Manufactured by a German company with the best reputation in the field of ultrasound devices.
  • All measurement data (thickness, density, etc.) can be saved with information on patients/volunteers and can be exported to Micrososft Excel®
  • The images of the B-scan can be exported as image-files to be used in other applications.
  • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement


 Fields of Application:

There are a multitude of applications for dermatology and cosmetology.UC Scar Narbe

  • skin aging & sun damage
  • Mohs surgery (tumor surgery)
  • tumor depth, especially before surgery
  • skin thickness  
  • laser treatment
  • osteoporosis risk (optionally)
  • wound treatment
  • cosmetic research
  • aesthetic skin treatment 
  • tissue beneath wounds  

UC FingernailUC Naevus


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Technical Data

Dimensions Device : 12.5 x 18.5 x 7.4 cm, Probe: 17 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm, Weight Device: 0.8 kg, Probe: 0.3 kg Power supply: 90-264 V, PC-connection: USB 2.0

Frequency: 22 MHz main center frequency, Scanning speed: 1-2 scans per second, Digitalization depth: 6 mm, Image size: 384 x 768 pixel, linear B-scan, Scanning width (lateral): 12.8 mm, Resolution (lateral): 33 µm (384 scanning lines), Resolution (axial): 72 µm at center frequency of 22 MHz, Focus length: 11 mm

Class IIa medical product

Technical changes may be made without prior notice



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