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All C+K systems to measure skin, hair, scalp and nails are used in dermatologic basic research. We have listed some products here, especially suitable for the use in dermatology. Of course the general scientific products and the products for cosmetic consulting are also used in the field. 

The 3S Biokit® set is a quick, easy and economical method for a multitude of diagnostic possibilities in a least invasive way for dermatology, veterinary medicine and many others.

The device determines if a patient suffers from cold contact urticaria (CCU) and at what threshold temperature the symptoms occur. Cold contact urticaria is a form of physical urticaria, in which with contact of the skin with temperatures below skin temperature, symptoms like itching, burning wheals and/or angioedema will occur. The device can also detect heat contact urticaria (reaction to contact with temperatures above skin temperature). Cold contact urticaria, however, is the more frequent type.

22 MHz ultrasound is an interesting tool to measure skin thickness and density in vivo with plenty of different applications. The Ultrascan UC 22 is OEM made especially for C+K and our customers to complete the product range of skin testing parameters with an extremely economic, easy to handle and absolutely accurate ultrasound device for cosmetic research.

Dermacheck 3000 offers interesting measurement modules for the use in a salon or a sophisticated aesthetic institute. It combines measurements with probes for different skin parameters as well as camera images of the skin, dermatoscopy and laser/IPL treatment consulting by melanin and erythema measurement.

The Derma Unit SSC3 is the classical compact device with a digital display for Sebumeter® / Corneometer® / Skin-pH-Meter all in one housing.

The Visiopor® PP 34 camera uses a specific UV-light to visualize the fluorescing acne lesions of an area of minimum 8 x 6.4 mm. The orange-red fluorescence indicates the presence of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria within clinically non-evident (follicular impactions and microcomedones) and clinically evident lesions (comedones, papules and pustules).

Occupational Health

Occupational medicine assesses besides the function of eyes, ears and lungs also the body's biggest organ - the skin. With measurements, they demonstrate to the workers the danger of skin at work and how important skin protection products are.In the occupational EADV Europrevention campain – Your skin – the most important 2m2 of your life - special device from C+K were used.

For more than 30 years the Corneometer® has provided the worldwide most used method to reproducibly and accurately determine the hydration level of the skin surface (stratum corneum). This is documented by the numerous scientific literature in which the terms "corneometry" and skin hydration measurements are inseparable. The accuracy of other hydration measurement instrumentation on the market is always assessed against the standard of the Corneometer®.

The Mexameter® MX 18 is a very easy, quick and economical tool to measure the two components, mainly responsible for the colour of the skin: melanin and haemoglobin (erythema) by reflectance. There are many fields of application where changes in the skin colour are of interest. The instrument is worldwide established and used in many scientific studies.

The Tewameter® TM 300 with its “open chamber” principle is the worldwide most accepted measuring device for the assessment of the Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL). This is an indispensable parameter for the evaluation of the water barrier function of the skin and a basic measurement in all kinds of applications. Even the slightest damage in the skin water barrier can be determined at an early stage. Several hundreds of international scientific studies demonstrate its importance in research for dermatology and cosmetic/household products.

The Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 is a quick, easy and economical tool to specifically measure the pH on the skin surface or the scalp.

The Visioscan® VC 20plus is a unique UVA-light video camera with high resolution to study the skin surface directly. The SELS® parameters (Surface Evaluation of the Living Skin), have been developed especially for this camera and are used in numerous studies. The images show the structure of the skin and the level of dryness very impressively. The camera can be used on pigmented spots and lesions and on hair. With its multi-functional software, the Visioscan® VC 20plus is a very flexible system to characterize skin surface condition easily, accurately and very economically. It has been used on board of the International Space Station ISS for several years.

Corneofix® F 20 is a special adhesive tape collecting corneocytes (flakes of dead cells). The number, size and thickness of the corneocytes indicate the desquamation/hydration level of the stratum corneum. When mounted on the Visioscan® camera, the desquamation can be evaluated by its software.

The Derma Unit SSC3 is the classical compact device with a digital display for Sebumeter® / Corneometer® / Skin-pH-Meter all in one housing.

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