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Visiopor® PP 34 N

Visiopor® PP 34 N

Visiopor® PP 34 N

Showing Acne Bacteria Activity by Skin Fluorescence

The camera camera uses a specific UV-light to visualize the fluorescing acne lesions impressively.

  • What can be seen?

    • porphyrinsPorphyrins (bacterial pigments creating comedones and later acne) become visible as fluorescent orange-red spots in the pores under the specific UV light.
    • The software distinguishes between acne bacteria and other lesions (more greenish/yellowish).
    • Especially the difference between images before and after a certain treatment (micro-dermabrasion, special cleansing, etc.) is extremely interesting.
    Visiopor® camera
    porphirins are mainly found in the T-zone
    Visiopor® measurement at the forehead
    Visiopor® camera with a variety of applications
  • Advantages of the Visiopor® camera

    Visiopor software
    • Connect the Visopor® directly to your computer via USB.
    • Easy to use and very economic
    • The cameras comes with convenient evaluation software distinguishing the reddish-orange porphyrins of the bacteria from other yellowish-greenish fluorescents in quantity, size and intensity.
  • Fields of Application

    VisioporThere are numerous applications in the institutes and cosmetology especially in the field of acne:

    • Detection of early invisible lesions and visualization of advanced small acne lesions
    • Promotion of anti-bacterial products, cleansers and drugs against P. acnes
    • Monitoring the course of treatments
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 12 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm, Weight: 220 g, Cable length: 1.5 m, Port: USB 2.0, Power supply: 5 V DC via computer, UV-light source: 16 UVA- LEDs:  375...385 nm, Resolution: 5:4, 1280 x 1024 pixel, Image size: minimum 8 x 6.4 mm, camera button freezes the image

    Computer: Windows® 10, USB 2.0/3.0, performance must meet system requirements (please ask for details)

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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