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Skin-pH-Meter PH 905

pH-Measurement on Skin and Scalp

ph hand QuadratThe Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 is a quick, easy and economical tool to specifically measure the pH on the skin surface or the scalp.








The Measuring Principle

Advantages of the Skin-pH-meter®

Fields of Application

Technical Data


The Measuring Principle

The measurement is based on a high quality combined electrode, where both glass H+ ion sensitive electrode and additional reference electrode are placed in one housing. It is connected to a probe handle pHelectrodecontaining the measurement electronics.


Advantages of the Skin-pH-Meter

  • The modern, high quality electronics of the probe allow a very quick (1 s) and reliable measurement avoiding occlusion effects.
  • The probe head is planar for measuring optimally on the skin surface.
  • Single and continuous measurement possible.
  • pH is expressed with one decimal.
  • Regular calibration can be done by the user.
  • Worldwide established instrument with a broad range of studies.

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 Fields of Application:

lab pH-LThere are many fields of application where changes in skin pH are of interest.Haare waschenl

  • In pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household application fields for the development of specific products (skin care, hair care, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • In dermatological basic research
  • In occupational health to show the importance of the application of skin protection products in certain work areas.


The Skin-pH-meter 905is available as a stand-alone device, connectable to the MPA systems, as a wireless probe or in the Derma Unit SSC 3.derma unit SSC 3 Quadrat

Please also read Frequent Asked Questions on the Skin-pH-Meter.


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Technical Data

Probe only:

Dimensions: 22.8 cm, Cable length: approx. 1.3 m, Measuring surface: Ø 1 cm (flat head), Weight: 130 g 

Measurement range: pH 0 to pH 11, Measurement uncertainty: ± pH 0.1

For the dimensions, etc. of the wireless probes, please see the technical data of the basic devices.

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.